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A Family’s Journey – Glacier Sea Kayak

The Experience

This is a Family’s Journey designed for family members to reconnect together in nature. So much of our individual lives are busy, filled with responsibilities and distractions. Even as families, we can struggle to find the time to connect in a way that feels deeply satisfying or meaningful. This trip is designed for families to have an experience together that facilitates closeness, communication, and the creation of memories.

This uniquely choreographed journey through Prince William Sound, Alaska will assist you in finding rejuvenation through the connection with other families, the support and guidance by Kelly Weld, MFT, and a sense of peace and serenity that only nature can provide. Imagine for a moment that you get to connect with your family as you paddle by ancient glacial ice and be completely unplugged from the pulls of technology. Look out into the sound for whales and wildlife as the crackling fire warms you at night. You will laugh, play, and rest. The landscape around you is ever changing; it is timely to replenish your cup with the awe that the glaciers of Alaska will inspire. You will leave this experience with your cup replenished and those empty spaces within you full of hope, love, and support.

This 7-day journey is powered by nature, paired with highly skilled guides and amazing programming facilitators. No experience is necessary. The trip is all inclusive once you arrive at the starting location. Let these amazing facilitators and Breakwater Expeditions take care of your family; you will create life-long memories together.

The Destination

Millions of years of glaciations have gradually carved away a coastal plateau creating Prince William Sound and its many tributary fjords, passageways, islands, and rocky shores. Fewer than 10,000 people populate the towns of Whittier, Valdez, Cordova, and native villages combined; no roads connect these communities. Encompassing 7,000 miles of ocean, river deltas, tidal flats, and glaciers, Prince William Sound is a sea kayaker’s paradise. Snow capped mountains shelter the Sound from outside influence and protect a rich diversity of life. Bears, eagles, sea lions, seals, orcas, porpoises and countless birds feast on the most productive salmon runs in the world, while humpback whales gorge all summer on plankton in preparation for their winter journey to their Hawaiian breeding grounds. We begin our journey in Anchorage and continue on to Whittier, where our expert guides will provide sea kayaking instruction and trip preparation for this unique expedition and truly once in a lifetime Alaskan adventure.

The Leadership

Kelly Weld will be directing this retreat in collaboration with Breakwater Expeditions. Breakwater has a team of highly-skilled outdoor professionals with years of experience in developing and leading adventure intentional programs and expeditions for teens, adults, and families.

Kelly Weld, MFT, is a seasoned therapist and educator. She holds a Master in Counseling Psychology, a Marriage and Family Therapy license, and a secondary teaching certification. For over 20 years she has counseled hundreds of adolescents and their families, working in a variety of wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools. As the Personal Growth Program Director of a therapeutic boarding school, she developed and implemented school-wide Emotional Growth and Psychology curriculum. As well, she has a long history of facilitating multi-day family immersions workshops, parenting seminars, and leadership trainings both in-country and abroad. Kelly is currently offering Individual and Family Coaching Services with a focus on nature-based retreats for individual and collective healing.


  • Cost for an Individual: $3,200
  • Group Size: 6-12 participants
  • Registration Deadline: June 10, 2020
  • Dates: July 16th – July 22nd, 2020
  • Cost Includes: 2 nights lodging, ground transport, expedition expense, tents, sleeping bags, and gear. Plus endless support.
  • What’s not Covered?: Flights, last night dinner and evening 6 lodging.
  • Staffing team: Kelly Weld, LMFT and 2 BWE qualified professional outdoor guides will provide a safe, fun, and meaningful adventure.
  • Climate: July Temperatures (55-80 degrees)
  • Tents: We sleep in 2-3 person high-quality tents.
  • Canoes: We paddle sturdy double expedition fiberglass kayaks
  • Cuisine: Healthy fresh food, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and meats. We can accommodate special dietary needs.


Day 1: Arrive in Anchorage
Meet at 4 pm at Anchorage airport and shuttle to Whittier, AK.
Whittier orientation and packing party
Day 2: Shuttle into the Prince William Sound
Finish packing and jet boat out into Prince William Sound.
Here we will finalize trip preparation to put on the water.
Find camp for our first night out!.
Day 3: Port Nellie Juan Inlet
We will work our way into Port Nellie and explore salmon streams and this wild landscape. So much to see and explore.
Day 4: Paddle and explore Graystone Bay
Day 5: Paddle to Derickson Bay and Port Nellie Glacier
Day 6: Get off the water and shuttle to Anchorage
Morning Paddle to our pick up spot in the afternoon
Shuttled to Whittier
Here we will clean up gear, shower, and have a closing meal
Evening shuttle back to Anchorage airport or hotel
Day 7: Fly out from Anchorage
Most flights are between 12:30 am – 3 am to head to the lower 48

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A Parent's Journey

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