A Parent’s Journey River Trip

The Experience

This is a Parent’s Journey designed for moms, dads, couples, and primary caregivers of children, teens, and young adults. So much of raising our children is about the child and their needs. It is rare that we find as many opportunities in our daily lives to support ourselves in being our best for our children.

We often spend most of our time giving to those children and learning how to meet their needs. Working to create peace and serenity within the family unit and provide structure is not an easy job. This experience is an opportunity for you to put yourself first for a week.

This uniquely choreographed journey down the Green River of Utah will assist you in finding rejuvenation through the connection with other parents, the support and guidance from Hilary Moses and Kelly Weld, and a sense of peace and serenity that only nature can provide.

Imagine for a moment that you get to give back to yourself as you float down a river and unplugged. Look up at the stars as the crackling fire warms you at night. You will laugh, play, and rest. The landscape around you is ever changing and you will leave this experience with your cup replenished and those empty spaces within you are full of hope, love, and support.

This 7-day journey is powered by nature paired with highly skilled guides and amazing programming facilitators. No experience is necessary. The trip is all inclusive once you arrive at the starting location. Let these amazing facilitators and Breakwater Expeditions take care of you for a change.

The Destination

The calm waters of the Green River meandering through the Stillwater and Labyrinth Canyon to the Colorado River, making up some of Utah’s most beautiful scenery. We will paddle a scenic stretch of flat water that will follow the rolling desert hills of eastern Utah into the majestic depths of Labyrinth. Our paddling friendly waterways will promote skill building and teamwork as learn to paddle the desert landscape. This journey will allow us to explore over 50 miles of canyon and many side canyons as well. We will travel through the ancient times and history of the landscape as we view the ruins and rock art sites of the Pueblo Indians. Red cliffs, desert sunsets, and warm days await this memorable experience.

The Leadership

Hilary Moses and Kelly Weld, will be directing this retreat in collaboration with Breakwater Expeditions. Breakwater has a team of highly-skilled outdoor professionals with years of experience in developing and leading adventure intentional programs and expeditions for teens, adults, and families.

Hilary Moses, LCSW, served adolescents, young adults, and their parents in wilderness therapy from 2001- 2015, was the clinical director in two wilderness programs and facilitated family workshops throughout her time in wilderness therapy. As the co-owner of Solutions Parenting Support, she offers parent coaching, transitional support, and personal growth opportunities both preventatively and for parents who have children at every stage of therapeutic treatment. Additionally, she is a faculty associate at the Arizona State University Graduate School of Social Work, is the step-mom to two boys, ages 16 and 13, and is currently in the process of developing a traveling therapeutic retreat for adults. In her spare time, she is on the Board of Directors at the Tucson Waldorf School and chairs several committees at the school to stay engaged in volunteer work in the community. She prefers to be outdoors and engaging in anything that is new, within the boundaries of what she considers sane.

Kelly Weld, MFT, is a seasoned therapist and educator. She holds a Master in Counseling Psychology, a Marriage and Family Therapy license, and a secondary teaching certification. For over 20 years she has counseled hundreds of adolescents and their families, working in a variety of wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools. As the Personal Growth Program Director of a therapeutic boarding school, she developed and implemented school-wide Emotional Growth and Psychology curriculum. As well, she has a long history of facilitating multi-day family immersions workshops, parenting seminars, and leadership trainings both in-country and abroad. Kelly is currently offering Individual and Family Coaching Services with a focus on nature-based retreats for individual and collective healing.


  • Cost for an Individual: $2500
  • Cost for a Couple: $4750
  • Group Size: 6-14 participants
  • Registration Deadline: Sept. 1, 2020
  • Dates: SEPT 27 – OCT 3
  • Cost Includes: 2 nights lodging, ground transport, expedition expense, tents, sleeping bags, and gear. Plus endless support.
  • What’s not Covered?: Flights and last night dinner.
  • Staffing team: Hilary Moses, LCSW and Kelly Weld, LMFT and 2 qualified professional outdoor guides will provide a safe, fun, and meaningful adventure.
  • Climate: October Temperatures
  • Tents: We sleep in 2-3 person high-quality tents.
  • Canoes: We paddle sturdy expedition Royalex canoes, 17-21 ft.
  • Cuisine: Healthy fresh food, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and meats. We can accommodate special dietary needs.


Day 1: Arrive in Grand Junction
Stay the night and prepare for the trip.
Meet for up for a meet and greet and packing party
Day 2-5: Paddle the Green River
Shuttle to rivers edge 2 hour drive.
Here we will finalize trip preparation to put on the water.
We will paddle the Labyrinth Canyon section of the Green River for the next 4 days and 3 nights.
Canoeing Expedition on the Green River 47 miles.
We will move camp each day.
Daily theme and intentional conversation.
Day 6: Mineral Bottoms, Utah
Closing morning thoughts and reflections
We will take out at Mineral Bottoms. We will then head into Grand Junction for some cleanup, hotel stay, and final meal celebration.
Day 7: Fly out
Participants head home.

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A Parent's Journey

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