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Andrea Sussel, MSS


Whether you are struggling with a transition or contemplating moving into one, I will bring my commitment, integrity and experience to that professional encounter and guide you through and help you build the confidence and skill sets to feel more empowered as a parent. Asking for help often takes courage, and being willing to learn from your child’s struggle, takes setting aside our parental ego in the name of knowing it’s ok to not know all the answers. To be brave enough to take a close look at what we as parents can change in the service of a healthier family system is very well worth the discomfort it often brings.

I am a MSS graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, and hold a BS in Health and Physical Education from Penn State University. My advanced training is as a Certified Gestalt Therapist and I have co-led trainings at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. I was recently featured in the award-winning documentary Fire and Sand about the Volcano relief efforts on Hawaii Island, where I served as a Red Cross volunteer.

Whether you are struggling with a transition or contemplating moving into one, I will bring my commitment, integrity and experience to that professional encounter.

I have worked with individuals, couples and families in a variety of setting — most recently in a highly regarded wilderness therapy program on Hawaii Island.

My almost-30-year-old son has been my biggest teacher, and I often tell him so. He typically responds by saying: “Really mom”? “Yes,” I reply, “Because to raise you has required that I let go of how I thought things should or would be, and to dare to accept, let go, and love you as you are becoming, and to rise up within myself and be the most authentic, adventurous, mature and vulnerable human I can be.”

About Solutions Parenting Support

Over the years, we have gained much insight into how difficult it is for children and parents to sustain what they learned in treatment once they returned home.

In traditional treatment programs, it is the child’s responsibility for continuing their growth in the home setting, but, up until now, there has been very little focus or resources dedicated to helping the parents maintain, with confidence, their responsibility in this journey alongside their child.

We all felt called to find ways to better support parents and created Solutions Parenting Support to give parents the confidence and tools to navigate the tough terrain of raising struggling adolescents, teens and young adults.

We maintain humility and openness about our own learning processes. We are all teachers and learners with our eyes and hearts open to the idea that our clients are both our students and our teachers.

Let’s work together!

Whether you’re just starting to feel concerned about your child’s behavior or you are already on the path to healing through a treatment program, (and your child is transitioning home), Solutions Parenting Support has several options to help you, including custom group workshops, online parenting courses to individual long and short-term coaching sessions.