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In Neanderthal times, the willingness without hesitation or ego-driven obstacles, to be critical allowed us to survive. It was important to criticize your shelter to the nth degree to ensure it could withstand the elements; 70,000 years ago it was necessary to criticize hunting and gathering skills, fire making skills etc. I can only assume that it did not take courage to judge or be judged, it was a necessary aspect of life.

We each have our own definition of courage. A google search defines it as: “Strength in the face of pain.”  The concept of courage came up during an icebreaker activity at a recent “Strengthen Your Family” workshop, when participants were asked to write down a strength and a struggle that they saw in themselves as a parent as well as a strength and a struggle that they saw in their co-parent.  They were also invited to share what they wrote with the co-parent.