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Parent coach guide parents through the therapeutic process, while identifying what changes can be made within the home to support lasting success, and provide individualized and specifically tailored support to parents looking to integrate systemic changes to their family system.

Hilary shares her perspective on the evolution of wilderness therapy, from her roots as a wilderness therapist a few decades, ago, to her current role as a parent coach and co-owner of Solutions Parenting Support. Hilary shares her insights on what's working, what's changing, and what parents need to do to prepare for wilderness therapy.

All too often, kids get home and fall into the same old habits and routines. Upon successfully completing a program, parents are typically given coaching tips and keys to success for a healthy transition back into the mainstream. While this information can be transformative, parents sometimes find it difficult to implement. It is very easy to return to the old way of parenting. So who is there to catch these families that fall through the cracks?