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As parents take the big leap into wilderness therapy and longer term therapeutic placements, they are experiencing severe grief and loss, while at the same time being inundated with information. Parents are often asked to study thorough write ups on their children and memorize parent manuals that contain vast amounts of information. Naturally, it becomes… Read more

As parent coaches, we are always looking for ways to provide guidance for families through the many layers of a child’s treatment process. Although this article is geared towards ways wilderness and residential professionals can help ease the transition for families, we also wanted the families in our Solutions Parenting Support community to know the… Read more

As Parent coaches and transitional specialists, we work daily with a multitude of different family dynamics. We strive to provide support and offer parenting tools and tips to help navigate different situations. A reccurring theme that we have seen over the last few months has been how to support families faced with challenging and aggressive… Read more

In today’s therapeutic world there is an overwhelming amount of information for families to process. There are seemingly limitless numbers of therapeutic programs to choose from. These programs work with children to help them facilitate ground breaking changes within themselves. There is no doubt that therapeutic programs working directly with children are changing lives. However… Read more

When I was growing up, our secrets and privacy were held in journals, written in letters, spoken through phone calls with friends and our behaviors were witnessed in person.  When our parents were worried or wanted information they snuck into our journals, listened in on the other side of the door, spoke to teachers or… Read more

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