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Renewal, Rebirth, Regrowth

Spring time is universally the time for renewal, rebirth and regrowth. It can also be a time when our inner self experiences an awakening from the cold and dark of winter where we are drawn into ourselves. Spring offers us the opportunity to come out of that dormancy into a more vibrant being.

This sounds like such a lovely experience that each of us should spend time on and not give up finding our way to. As a parent, however, this description of the journey of renewal can be more challenging as seasons don’t often bring about this type of desired change. Often a family’s seasonal change is what athletic field you will be spending your time on or the pressure and scramble to ensure end of the year grades are where they need to be and the craziness of having to make all summer plans by the end of March. Of course, navigating the ongoing challenges of parenting that often just seem to blend through the seasons are at the forefront as well.

But what if the spring season could be all that is promised? The start of the renewal process can begin with your parenting commitments. Renewing your commitments to yourself and to your co-parent are often the place to start (no matter what the season).

We know that adults are better suited to follow through in their commitments and have more ability to understand the value of commitments. Parents often need the seasonal reminder, that no matter how authentic in the moment and how well intended kids are, they don’t have this same skill set. Our kids need us to help them, through the structure and consistency we provide, to find their way to follow through in their commitments. As the year rolled along, rules around screen time or living with some healthy routines might have fallen out of balance and it could be time for a family reset…a spring cleaning as it were. What new normal are you in that needs some polishing?

As you enter this spring, take the time to look at the commitments you have made to yourself as a parent and to your co-parent. Identify the ones you have kept, the ones you need to reconsider and decide which ones you need to find your way back to. The more solid we are as a parent in understanding and owning our commitments in our parenting, the more successful and potentially even vibrant our families are, no matter what the season.

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