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Solutions Parenting Support is Growing!

We have expanded our parent coaching team with two seasoned therapists.

As demand for parent coaching has increased significantly over the past year, Solutions Parenting Support is excited to announce that Hanna Young, LCSW and Andrea Sussel, LCSW have joined the Solutions Parenting Support parent coaching team.

They'll be providing the same exceptional level of support, strategies and expert coaching to parents of struggling teens and young adults around the world.

"Knowing that Andrea and Hanna have such strong clinical backgrounds and extensive experience in Wilderness and Residential Treatment makes them an ideal fit for our team and for the parents we work with," said Jen Murphy, Co-Owner of Solutions Parenting Support.

Solutions Parenting Support's parent coaching services have seen quite a bit of growth over the past few years.

As our SPS alumni families continue to thrive and flourish after our work together, referrals have continued to increase. As more wilderness and residential treatment programs have also experienced the success of our collaborative approach, the more in demand our parent coaching has become.

We've seen how much healing of the entire family system can happen when parents are given the opportunity to grow alongside their child. We want this kind of help and support to continue to be available, so it made sense to expand our team to be able to help more families.

By bringing on seasoned therapists who have extensive clinical skill sets, years of experience working in wilderness and/or residential treatment settings and a rigorous dedication to compassionate, strategic and effective parent coaching, we can help even more parents navigate having a child in treatment or transitioning their child home from treatment.

"I began my career with Hanna back in 2002 in wilderness therapy and am grateful to have her as a friend and colleague. Andrea and I worked together on staff at Pacific Quest and then continued our work together when Solutions Parenting Support provided years of parent coaching for families Andrea worked with in wilderness therapy. I am truly honored to be able to learn from and work with both of these powerhouses," said Hilary Moses, Co-owner of Solutions Parenting Support.

If you'd like to get to know Hanna and Andrea, please watch the video snippets below.

We look forward to continuing to support your families.


Jen and Hilary and the SPS team

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Solutions Parenting Support, LLC is a nationally recognized parent support and transition program assisting parents and families with straightforward and compassionate skills based support prior to, during and after wilderness therapy and/or residential treatment. Solutions is a dynamic team of parent coaches who have had extensive careers as therapists in wilderness therapy or residential treatment before turning their talents towards coaching parents around the globe. The team is family system focused and are licensed professional therapists and/or social workers each with 15-30 years of experience working in wilderness therapy programs, varying levels of residential treatment programming, and transitional support.

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