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Andrea was recommended to me by a medical colleague when we found ourselves in the midst of teen turmoil. It seemed like overnight we were in the depths of a 16 year-old struggling with anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. By the time we found Andrea, we had a small army of support for our daughter including her pediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist, and nutritionist. Nothing seemed to be reaching her. Our daughter ended up attending residential treatment with the typical organized support (IOP/PHP)after discharge. This was during COVID leaving much of her supportive communication online, which was less than ideal for her.

However, for me, who would have thought that communicating with Andrea across several time zones would have been the start of really lovely, healthy patient-provider partnership? I didn't realize how much I was in desperate need to process and discuss our daughter's situation with an objective sounding board. The stress of coping with a child who was suicidal at times while maintaining a 'normal' household for our other children and a busy career was taking its toll.

Andrea offered invaluable insight, reflection dashed with humor and taught me helpful tools to open up disarming communication with my husband and our daughter. I always felt heard, validated and left our conversations feeling lighter and more hopeful. What started off as therapeutic visits quickly evolved into delightful conversations that felt like I was chatting with an old friend who was sharing wisdom, experience, and helpful feedback. I was able to apply these tools in other areas of my life as well.

Andrea would also share books, articles, and podcasts that she felt might offer insight or further support. Despite all of our daughter's therapy and eating disorder treatments, the one thing that finally made logical sense to her was a book recommendation from Andrea. This was the beginning of true adaptive behavioral change.

I am grateful for my time spent with Andrea. While I wish that we had met under different circumstances, I can say that through my sessions with Andrea, I walked away with better communication skills, more wisdom, and increased confidence in my ability to parent through difficult situations. She is a blessing for parents traveling down the lonesome road of kids struggling with mental illness.

I wish her all the very best and I appreciate the role of your organization.



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