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The Importance of Note Taking

Did you know that notetaking activates the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for retention and memory?

All notetaking activates the memory sector of the brain, though studies have also shown that handwritten notes produce the greatest amount of activity and retention.

We encourage all of our parent coaching clients to take notes during sessions. This challenges parents to dedicate their time and focus to this work and gives them a better shot at taking action and holding themselves accountable for follow through, while strengthening their ability to recall educational facts and strategies shared by their coach, as well as insights they gain in tandem with their coach.

Parents can take notes in any style that works for them, though we offer this guidance for those seeking ideas to structure the exercise.

  1. Questions, concerns, feedback pertaining to this coaching session:
  2. This first prompt encourages families to be transparent with their coaches, reinforcing the relationship and communication between parent and coach that is instrumental in effecting timely change.

  3. What is one takeaway and one action item from this session?:
  4. Coaches follow up with families regarding their takeaways and action items so that we can ensure we have ended in the same place. This skill and feedback loop is also essential when circling back to important conversation with family members.

  5. What are essential questions / topics that you want to ensure your notes answer?:
  6. For example:

    • Themes (what are the common patterns, both the good and the not so good that we come back to time and again):
    • My goals (what are the goals I want to make sure I continue to get guidance and take steps toward):
    • Strategies/approaches (what strategies were shared or have been shared on coaching calls that can support my growth):

Identifying questions/topics that you see as essential for ongoing growth and that you want to build awareness of over time can help you when reviewing your notes and asking questions during coaching sessions.

Whether you follow these topic areas or develop your own system this is one way to take ownership of your parent coaching process to shape the tone of your home for yourself and your family.

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