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Why is a Parent Coach an Important Part of the Treatment Team?

We are often asked, "Why do I need a parent coach?"

At Solutions Parenting Support, we believe in an integrative systems approach to treatment. From this perspective a parent coach guides the parents through the therapeutic process, while identifying what changes can be made within the home to support lasting success.



  • Brings calmness to a chaotic situation. Coaches offer direction that quiets the chaos instead of increasing it. A coaching call isn't just one more meeting, but an anchor to assimilate everything that is coming at you and create a plan of action.
  • Acknowledges that this is a really hard time to parent... with social media, school anxiety, pandemic impacts, climate change, uncertainty... A coach holds the space to acknowledge this and creates plans to support your children in these times.
  • Is important because parents deserve their person in this process. A program therapist is their child's person. Parents deserve the space to work through the difficulty of these transitions and to celebrate the wins.
  • Supports the therapist. They understand the work the therapist is doing and help parents understand that too. Therapists do therapy to explore the “whys”, coaches do the nitty gritty structure and back up the therapists, helping parents to understand how to enact tools based on what they learn from the therapist.
  • Coaches offer 3rd party perspectives and objective opinions.
  • Helps parents with the transition of parenting a child through different stages: childhood to adolescence, adolescence to young adulthood, pre-treatment to in-treatment, in-treatment to post treatment. Coaches understand how to help parents navigate different developmental stages.
  • Helps parents identify their role in coaching, teaching and influencing their adolescent and young adult.
  • Helps parents design a process to determine what to offer and what not to offer when it comes to their role in the support they are providing.
  • Provides real support around struggling young adults... so often parents hear... why do you put up with that, just kick them out... we provide a different direction.
  • Helps parents interpret what their children may or may not really be saying, while identifying how to stay curious and not jump to conclusions.

Our parent coaches provide individualized and specifically tailored support to parents looking to integrate systemic changes to their family system. Reach out to learn more about all the ways in which a coach can support you in creating change.

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Solutions Parenting Support, LLC is a nationally recognized parent support and transition program assisting parents and families with straightforward and compassionate skills based support prior to, during and after wilderness therapy and/or residential treatment. Solutions is a dynamic team of parent coaches who have had extensive careers as therapists in wilderness therapy or residential treatment before turning their talents towards coaching parents around the globe. The team is family system focused and are licensed professional therapists and/or social workers each with 15-30 years of experience working in wilderness therapy programs, varying levels of residential treatment programming, and transitional support.

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