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Why is it recommended that parents work with parent coaches while their child is in a therapeutic environment?

This is a challenging time and we understand how confusing it can be to learn a whole new language and parenting approach. Our parent coaching not only helps you have a better understanding of the ins and outs of your teen’s therapeutic environment, but our parent coaching also offers you an opportunity for a rich process of parallel support. Parallel support just means that you not only support your child in his or her growth, but you’re also learning and growing alongside them.

How is parent coaching different than therapy and how is it successful?

We are therapists, educators and strategists. We strategize with parents so that the entire family system can be successful. We have an ability to distinguish between when we need to wear our therapists hats and when we are acting in the parent coaching role.

Our strategic and practical approach educates parents on how to execute everything that is learned in treatment. We take the therapeutic concepts learned and make them workable within the family system. This helps everyone sustain the needed changes.

Parent coaching works because when you embark on parallel process work alongside your child, you increase communication within the entire family system, you learn how to problem solve with your child, and you are able to identify challenges that need to be addressed in order to repair and strengthen your relationships.

It’s not easy to bring entirely new ways of interacting into the old environment and our methods incorporate what is working well in your child’s treatment program into your home environment and family system. We adapt and make modifications so that the changes make sense and are sustainable for your family.

Should we just wait and see if we need more therapy when our child gets home?

We have seen the “wait and see” approach, backfire many times. Even our most reluctant parent clients say that they wish they had enlisted our support earlier in the process. Parents experience significant relief and stability in having our support in developing their parenting position.

Our parent clients also say that working with us helped to increase the the emotional connection between themselves and their child despite the geographic distance and limited communication within a therapeutic placement.

The growth from both sides during the treatment process means that the relationship is usually more solid than it ever was prior to the treatment.

Therapy fatigue is common for parents in this situation, but hiring Solutions Parenting Support and embarking on this work can actually decrease the therapy fatigue. We make navigating this therapeutic journey so much easier.

Our child is a young adult who is struggling, can you help us?

Yes, our parent coaching and transitional support services are similar even when the child is a young adult. Our approach is to help guide parents in navigating their relationships with their young adult children by increasing sustainable expectations and boundaries and learning how to establish a collaborative relationship with your young adult child. These approaches and guidance work whether your young adult is at home or living out of the home.

Why should I work with a Solutions Parenting support coach vs. a family therapist while my child is in treatment?

Solutions Parenting Support coaches are therapists, as well as former wilderness therapists, who are educated and trained in family systems theories and also have the unique understanding of the therapeutic journey families are on during wilderness and therapeutic boarding school placements.

We are considered experts in this field and we have the ability to support, educate and guide parents in the changes they need to make to support their child and sustain the therapeutic work that is accomplished.

How is Solutions Parenting Support unique?

We are clinicians and strategic coaches who have a long, experienced tenure as wilderness and therapeutic boarding school therapists. We are educators by nature and are well-versed in current and ongoing adolescent brain science research. We actually pioneered many of the techniques that are now widely used in the country’s top wilderness therapy and transitional support programs. Our signature techniques have been recognized as the key components in creating effective, supportive and long-term solutions for parents of struggling teens.

How does parent coaching work over the phone?

We have helped hundreds of parents in utilizing phone sessions and private video conferencing coaching sessions. This familiar format is very similar to how you are already communicating with your wilderness and program therapist.

While some parents worry that this approach will be too informal, it actually has several benefits. It can significantly help decrease the discomfort of vulnerability that will be needed to progress.

It’s highly convenient as you do not have to be in the same location as your co-parent for a session, you don’t have to take time out to commute to a session and it’s easier to work around tight schedules. We created this flexibility to help ease some of the burden of what is already a significantly challenging time in your family.

Is my child involved?

No, our work here at Solutions Parenting Support is specifically for you, the parents. This ensures that you have the opportunity to experience a rich process of parallel support while engaging in the needed work as a parent and co-parenting team. By giving you a dedicated support system, we are better able to ensure that your child sustains the work that he or she has been doing in treatment.

Are other professionals included in the process?

Yes, we collaborate extensively with program therapists, referring professionals and outpatient therapists both while your child is in treatment and during transition.

When a family is in the transition process, we work closely with the outpatient therapists who have the clinical expertise to work with your adolescent and/or young adult while also providing life coaching skills as needed.

Our collaborative process with outpatient therapists allows for consistent and ongoing support for the child and the family.

How often do we meet?

As often as necessary during the contract period. Solutions Parenting Support provides weekly support, and most parents are relieved to find out that this isn’t limited to a specific number of sessions.

If we are contracted for 8 weeks of parent support, then our work is based on what is needed each week to get results.

We rarely can predict when crises arise, so in addition to the weekly scheduled session, we are in constant contact throughout the week via texting, emailing, phone calls and on-the-fly sessions when needed.

How does the transitional support services work?

We work with families for a minimum of three months during a transition from therapeutic placement to home.

Ideally, our work starts a few weeks prior to a child’s completion of their therapeutic program to assist parents in their proactive planning of having their child return home.

We start the collaboration process, assist with moving family agreements forward and start the process of supporting parents during this transition.

Once the child is home, we spend the next three months supporting the parents through parent coaching sessions, crisis support, collaboration with home outpatient therapists, educating, strategizing and guiding parents in deepening their work and understanding of their roles as parents and how they influence the success of the transition and the sustaining of their child’s work in treatment.

How do I get started?

You can call us at 970-819-7031…. or contact us via email.

Our family would not have healed and reconnected as well as we have without the advice and support...

Jen Murphy is the best therapist I have ever worked with. She listens well and gives excellent guidance on everything she addresses with parents. Jen provides a uniquely calm, safe environment while speaking with parents. I was initially skeptical that Jen would be effective working with us over the telephone, but she quickly won my husband and myself over with her down to earth, soothing approach that she brings when working through very intense, emotional issues. Our family would not have healed and reconnected as well as we have without the advice and support of Solutions Parenting Services.


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