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Following Your Path

The SPS Journal for Students Transitioning Home

The Following Your Path Journal is a 6-week journal for adolescents and young adults who are returning home from wilderness treatment, therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment or transitional living. 

The journal encourages engagement with the skills learned in treatment and helps navigate challenging situations and times that will arise at home. Engaging in this daily journal and responding to the prompts within promotes continued insight and increased self-awareness and helps adolescents and young adults to truly find approaches needed to sustain the work they have invested in and to find the strength and the support needed to thrive.    ORDER YOURS HERE


Hilary Moses and Jen Murphy and the team at Solutions Parenting Support have spent their careers investing in the healing and courageous journeys of adolescents, young adults and their families. After decades as wilderness and residential treatment therapists, the Solutions team now spend their time helping families sustain all the work that has been done as they reunite through the transition home. This journal was inspired by all of their opportunities to learn from clients while guiding families through countless transitions.