H.O.M.E. Publishing

H.O.M.E. Publishing was established in 2022 to shepherd the creation and distribution of resources created by the professionals at Solutions Parenting Support. The knowledge cultivated over more than 2 decades by some of the most respected and admired coaches in the field can now be found in written form!

H.O.M.E. Publishing offers resources that can be used in the process of parent coaching and that stand alone as guides for parents looking to examine and build upon their parenting skills, styles and goals. Our first endeavor was a highly effective journal for adolescents and young adults to support young people in self-actualizing the work the lessons they learned in treatment.

In 2023, H.O.M.E Publishing released the much anticipated book written by Solutions Parenting Support co-founders, Hilary Moses and Jen Murphy: H.O.M.E.: Strategies for Making Home a Success During and After Treatment. We look forward to the release of a journal for parents, as well as numerous additional learning resources in the coming months.