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From a teenage battleground to the graduation trip of a lifetime with her dad…

Tamara’s temperament was volatile. She verbally abused her younger sister, emotionally blackmailed her parents and turned the family home into a battleground where everyone had to tiptoe around her outbursts. Her parents’ marriage was hanging on by a thread.

After working with Solutions Parenting Support, this family was intact and no longer in crisis.

Instead of overreacting to, well, everything, Tamara was taking on responsibilities within the home. Instead of criticizing each other, Tamara’s parents were confident in their ability to each set healthy boundaries for their entire family. They were more supportive of each other’s different parenting styles.

Because this family had the courage to reach out to Hilary and Jen at Solutions Parenting Support for help, they went from a fragmented explosive home on the verge of crumbling apart, to competently managing age-typical issues with a solid co-parenting team.

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