Strategies for Making Home a Success During and After Treatment

H.O.M.E.: Strategies for Making Home a Success During and After Treatment is a reminder for parents that now is the best time to make changes that can secure their family’s health for the future.

This book is a must-read for every parent who has a child in wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding school, or residential treatment. H.O.M.E.: Strategies for Making Home a Success During and After Treatment offers insight into the journey of wilderness therapy and other out-of-home treatment experiences. The book encourages and empowers parents to engage in the therapeutic journey from the beginning, so they can more accurately predict and plan for the needs of their child coming home from their treatment experience.

“H.O.M.E.” encourages parents to Hone, Own, Master, and Enact new skills to make home a healthy option for their child during and after treatment.

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This book goes far beyond a nominal presentation of this industry. It starts out as a strong awareness guide and does an excellent job forming a therapeutic alliance with the reader, just as a therapist will work hard to establish a strong therapeutic alliance with their client... The strong background of knowledge that Hilary and Jen possess is evident throughout the book in both the office and wilderness. They've lived the life of a therapist with “mud on their boots,” working with children and their families. They also show great range in their suggestions, knowing that one resource may prove invaluable for one family but might be entirely different for another family. In these ever-changing times of interaction with their child and the industry, flexibility is often the key between success and failure.

— MICHAEL GASS PhD, LMFT, CCAT, CCBT / Director, Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Center

I would recommend this book for the parents and counselors who are seeking help in managing the child’s return home. It is a book that is comfortable to read because it feels as though the writers are talking directly to you and not lecturing. [The authors] are sharing their wisdom gained from guiding hundreds of families. Kudos for the accomplishment of this publication: part text book, part memoir, and part skill building training. It will be on my bookshelf and I will use it too.

— MIRIAM BODIN Educational and Therapeutic Consultant