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Privacy Notice

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Disclosing Information

As a parent coaching business, we are not keeping records of any health information pertaining to the parents we work with or their children.  We are not legally bound by HIPAA as such.  However, in the interest of best practices, we do not want to gain or share any information without a release of information, which will require a signed authorization from you as the parent and in some cases your child if over the age of 18 years. This request must be dated, show who the information is to be released to or requested from, the specific information to be released or acquired. These authorizations will have an end date.  Additional requests beyond the end date will require a new authorization.


Confidentiality and Exceptions:

While we are not legally bound to confidentiality, we want to ensure that the parents we are coaching feel safe in what they express and we aim to follow guidelines similar to what a therapist is required to follow.  Generally speaking, the information provided by and to a client during parent coaching sessions is confidential and will not be shared without written permission except under the following circumstances:

1) If the parent(s) presents a physical danger to self or other, including ideation or threats of suicide. Homicide, assault or other physical harm,

2) If the parent(s) reports suspected child abuse, including but not limited to neglect, mental abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse,

3) If the parent(s) reports abuse of an elderly or dependent adult,

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