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Hilary and Jen have been highlighted in the news of numerous publications and journals. Here is just a sampling. If you would like to contact Hilary and Jen to feature them in an article or podcast, please contact us.

Jen and Hilary discuss "H.O.M.E.: Strategies for Making Home a SUCCESS During and After Treatment

Jen and Hilary discuss that after years of working together at Solutions Parenting Support, they wrote a book about the many issues they address when coaching parents whose teens and young adults are in wilderness therapy.

"H.O.M.E." offers profound insights into the journey of wilderness therapy and other treatment options from two skilled practitioners and teachers. The two authors reveal how they went about co-writing the book, what they hope are the key takeaways for readers, and why the H.O.M.E. acronym works so well.

Hilary and Jen also share their backgrounds in wilderness therapy, how they first met, and how they ended up starting Solutions Parenting Support.

Season 15 of Stories from the Field is focused on parents' stories and is underwritten by Other Parents Like Me ( We are grateful for all does to support parents whose children are struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.

Will White, 3/7/2023, Stories from the Field


Writing H.O.M.E. – a new roadmap for parents with kids in treatment with, Solutions Parenting Support

"The experience of parenting a child in treatment or recovery almost always feels like totally uncharted territory. And for each of us as individuals, it usually is.⁠ But what if there was a way to zoom out and find patterns within thousands of family experiences? With that insight, we might even be able to predict situations parents will find themselves in and prepare ourselves appropriately... ⁠

"H.O.M.E. is not just a guidebook to chart the territory you're in. It's also an entire model to sustain personal growth during an incredibly difficult time."⁠ ⁠- Brenda Zane, The Stream Community

Brenda Zane, 2/9/23, Brenda Zane


Prepare for Landing: Tools for a More Realistic Transition Home

hopestream image

"Hilary Moses and Jen Murphy of Solutions Parenting Support... are the experts we wish we could fold up and slip in our pocket to pull out for a quick consult when our kids are making a transition home from residential treatment or Wilderness Therapy." - Brenda Zane, The Stream Community⁠

Brenda Zane, 12/15/22, Brenda Zane


What is "Solutions Parenting Support"?

Hilary Moses shares in Season 13 of Stories from the Field with Will White. Season 13 features experts in the field of supporting parents. Hilary shares about the evolution of parent coaching and the journey to help parents find direction. Listen to her while she explains the vision and mission of Solutions Parenting Support.

Will White, 4/13/22, Stories from the Field


When Parents Need Help – Interview With Hilary Moses

When the challenge of parenting gets overwhelming is when parents need to seek professional help explained Hilary Moses, a co-owner of Solutions Transitional Support to Lon May 23, 2016.  She further explained that co-parenting is one of the most common issues parents come to her for help as a parent coach so the parents can learn how to work together rather than allowing themselves to be divided.  Listen as Hilary discusses signs to look for indicating parents need professional help, and some thoughts on deciding if their child needs a program.

This is one of a series of short interviews about new developments in the network of private, parent-choice residential schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.

The Woodbury Report, 5/23/2016, Blog Talk Radio


Online Parent Coaching Courses, a new resource for Parents

Earlier this year, All Kinds of Therapy ran a 4-part series on Parent Coaches & Family Coaches, explaining parent coaching models, certifications, wrap-around services and former program therapists who’d developed their own program-informed coaching programs. Recently, Jenney Wilder spoke with Jen Murphy who informed me of their new model of parent coaching through online courses.  Here is a little chat I had with Jen about what she & her business partner Hilary Moses, LCSW are doing with their company. Read the article here ...

Jenney Wilder, 8/25/15, All Kinds of Therapy


Stepmoms navigate a sometimes-tricky trail, but relationship rewards can be great

After Stephanie and Lance Webb married nearly a decade ago, she baked a cake and they threw a party to mark the birthday of his first wife, Amy, mother of his six kids. They invited her family over.

Breast cancer had taken Amy, and Stephanie, now 52, knew it was important to honor the fact that Amy would always be her stepkids’ mother. She still bakes a cake on Amy’s birthday. And on Mother’s Day weekend, the Webbs visit Amy’s grave in the West Point, Utah, cemetery.

But Mother’s Day also belongs to Stephanie Webb. She has two kids of her own, those six stepkids and is thoroughly loved by Amy’s extended family. Read the article in which Hilary is quoted...

Lois M. Collins, 5/1/2015, Deseret News


Earth Day 2015: Planting the Seeds of Recovery

Horticultural therapy — or the practice of gardening to promote well-being — has been used in a variety of treatment settings, including mental health and addiction rehabilitation programs. Horticultural therapy offers a wide range of benefits for people in recovery. Here are a few, shared with by leading therapists, including Hilary Moses:

“There are rich metaphors [between horticultural therapy and recovery]. For example, when you weed a garden, you need to get to the root of the weed to really make a serious dent … If you just pluck the problem from the surface it will flourish below and get more and more difficult to manage. Horticultural therapy also puts [patients] in a caregiving position when they feel like they can’t care for anything, let alone themselves. They learn the nuances of caretaking … they are able to learn through discovering and taking risks (which builds resilience in the brain), with minimal consequences.” – Hilary Moses, LCSW, transition specialist, parent coach and co-owner of Solutions Transitional Support, LLC

Susan Jara, 4/22/15