Stepmoms navigate a sometimes-tricky trail, but relationship rewards can be great

After Stephanie and Lance Webb married nearly a decade ago, she baked a cake and they threw a party to mark the birthday of his first wife, Amy, mother of his six kids. They invited her family over.

Breast cancer had taken Amy, and Stephanie, now 52, knew it was important to honor the fact that Amy would always be her stepkids’ mother. She still bakes a cake on Amy’s birthday. And on Mother’s Day weekend, the Webbs visit Amy’s grave in the West Point, Utah, cemetery.

But Mother’s Day also belongs to Stephanie Webb. She has two kids of her own, those six stepkids and is thoroughly loved by Amy’s extended family. Read the article in which Hilary is quoted...

Lois M. Collins, 5/1/2015, Deseret News