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Parenting Courses

Guidance, support and solutions for your biggest challenges with parenting adolescents and young adults in an online workshop format

These courses are for families who are transitioning a teen or young adult out of a crisis situation back into the home and also for families who want to take a proactive approach to parenting a distressed teen or young adult before a crisis happens.

Goes to the heart of the matter with respect, precision and results...

I have had the pleasure of working with Hilary Moses for over a decade. She is by far one of the most talented and effective clinicians working with adolescents and families. Her approach is refreshing and highly impactful. Where most professionals tiptoe around issues, Hilary goes to the heart of the matter with respect, precision and results. If you're looking to make changes, Hilary will make it happen!

Dani Levine
Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Educational Consultant

Customized Group Parent Workshops

These 2 hour meetings are held through video conference and teach parenting strategies specific to the groups’ needs.

Participants can email the facilitator up to 3 weeks prior to the workshop with topics they wish to address. These support groups are great for treatment programs and other professionals that have a group of parents who are in need of extra support.

Please contact Hilary for more information about scheduling a customized group parent workshop:

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