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Transitional Support and Individual Parent Coaching Sessions

In our sessions, we work together to:
  • Help you create a home environment where your child can sustain the therapy they have already received in long-term care
  • Help parents who actively have a child in treatment by walking alongside you during the treatment process to ensure that your own needs are met while providing you insight and support so you can truly allow for the therapeutic support of your child
  • Help parents who have not yet reached a crisis point with their child and who want to take proactive steps to change what could escalate into a troubling situation
As a solutions parent support individual coaching client you will:
  • Create positive communication, even in a split family, to best help your family
  • Be able to empower your children while being clear and confident about your own parental boundaries
  • Develop more effective communication skills
  • Effectively learn how to increase proactive parenting and decrease reactive
  • parenting
    Increase skill and confidence in parenting strategies and techniques
  • Create a stronger emotional connection with your child
  • Increase your skills in resolving conflicts within the family
  • Understand how to integrate the growth your child achieved in their treatment program into your home environment
  • Manage your child’s home technology usage in a healthy way

My husband and I still discuss how impressive her support was…. especially as we never actually met her face to face!

I can not begin to express how thankful my husband and I are to have had Jen as a resource over the last 6 months!  While our daughter was in a wilderness program, we were in need of support.  Jen was a calm, smart, impartial person who supported us while our child was away at the same time as preparing us for her return home.  Jen was kind and patient while challenging us to provide the best environment and structure for our daughter to find future success.  When our daughter returned, we continued our weekly calls with Jen for a few months and I am so happy we did!  Again, she was a calm support who would often challenge us to make the better and sometimes harder parenting choices, always in a supportive and engaging manner.  My husband and I still discuss how impressive her support was…. especially as we never actually met her face to face!  It is a true testament to her ability that she can engage and build such strong relationships over the phone.

parent coaching client, New York
Fee and Contract Structure for Parent Coaching

The clients, who benefit the most from our work, contract with us initially for at least 3 months. We do, however, offer a single month option if a family is not yet ready for a 3 month commitment.

Our family would not have healed and reconnected as well as we have without the advice and support...

Jen Murphy is the best therapist I have ever worked with. She listens well and gives excellent guidance on everything she addresses with parents. Jen provides a uniquely calm, safe environment while speaking with parents. I was initially skeptical that Jen would be effective working with us over the telephone, but she quickly won my husband and myself over with her down to earth, soothing approach that she brings when working through very intense, emotional issues. Our family would not have healed and reconnected as well as we have without the advice and support of Solutions Parenting Services.

Our Parent Coaching Contracts Include:
  • Weekly scheduled phone or video coaching sessions for skill building and strategic support.
  • Constant contact and non-crisis support between scheduled sessions.
  • As needed crisis* support for parenting and transition challenges.
  • Collaborative contact with other professionals on the therapeutic support team to ensure the best possible treatment.

*It is important to note that a child in clinical crisis, such as self-harm or suicidal ideation, must be supported by an individual or family therapist, not Solutions Parenting Support. Our crisis parent coaching support is meant to help you with highly challenging situations within the parenting dynamic and give you strategic solutions to better respond to your child’s behaviors.

During Your Coaching Contract We Will Focus on:
  • Creating a place to openly discuss challenges in parenting and personal struggles with your adolescent and young adult children
  • Providing guidance and instruction in effectively preparing and executing parent agreements and home contracts
  • Assisting parents in identifying your role in repairing and strengthen the parent child relationship
  • Assessing the current strengths and struggles within your family
  • Getting both parents on the same page to ensure healthy collaboration that best supports the child
  • Developing healthy communication skills between all members of the family including siblings
  • Addressing your family situation as a whole, and not just working to change your child’s behavior
  • Empowering you to bring peace back into your home
  • Receive assistance in translating the skills gained in treatment, if applicable, and 
integrating them into the family system and home environment
  • Providing support in navigating the feelings as well as decisions that need to be made with a child in wilderness or residential treatment

Gives us truly actionable guidance and advice...

We can't begin to describe just how important Hilary has been to us in this process with our daughter. She truly has a gift and a special talent and has helped us tremendously in becoming more aware of our own tendencies and in coaching us on how to truly help our daughter continue her growth. Each week she gives us truly actionable guidance and advice and, more importantly, acts as a wonderful sounding board for our worries and concerns. We owe her so much.


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