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Supporting Step Parents Course

Step parents step up to the task, supporting their spouse’s children as well as, at times, their own, which comes with a number of new challenges.

During this course, Hilary (a stepparent herself since 2008), offers the space to normalize the challenges, thoughts and feelings of step-parents; guides step-parents toward problem solving for themselves and with their spouse and offers tools to build bridges with step-children.

For step-parents who have a step-child in wilderness therapy or in residential treatment, we offer added material to help guide the experience.

This course if for stepparents interested in developing a more intentional approach to their relationships in order to strengthen the step-parenting team as well as the family system.

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Participants are asked to order and read “When Elephants Fight: A Guide to Effective Stepparenting” and/or “Blended: Writers on the Stepfamily Experience” as a way to enhance the discussion and learning for the group.