Parent Coaching for Behavioral Issues

Almost everyone will show signs of behavioral issues at some point, but when they become a pattern that disrupts daily life, help is often sought. These behaviors may include inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, defiant behavior, persistent rule breaking, hoarding and / or property destruction. When these behaviors become a pattern and are causing problems at home, school and otherwise in daily life the individual may be struggling with a behavioral disorder and should be evaluated by a mental health professional.

How can a parent coach help a parent support their child with behavioral issues?

It is important to remember that a parent coach can not diagnose behavioral disorders, nor is it their role to treat the disorder. That said, all SPS coaches have worked in environments where they honed interventions that shaped the milieu to disrupt such patterns. Through a collaboration with the mental health professionals on your team, a parent coach will help you bring strategies to life through your own voice, value set and unique strengths as a parent. Your coach helps you to shift your interactions, responses and household structure to better support your child physically and emotionally as they manage the complex process of navigating the emotions that can lead to behavioral issues.

How can a parent coach help a parent with their own behavioral struggles?

Any adult who has struggled with behavioral issues or disorders may either want to rescue their child from a consequence or responsibility they need to face in order to learn from behavior, or alternatively may respond reactively, impulsively and with anger. As parents, we may ourselves find that we are resistant to change and following the recommendation of professionals. Teaching you how to pause, step back, listen and consider the potential consequences of your thinking is a role a parent coach will play. We often ask the question “to what end?” do you need to do things your way, and what are the potential results of that decision? Our parent coaches help parents develop a “wise-minded” parenting style so that parents can walk away from a parenting situation feeling proud.

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