Parent Coaching for College Preparation Support

College Preparation Support is the process of developing strategies to increase the success in the process of preparing for, applying for and transitioning to college. This includes College counseling, Common Application essays and supplementals, application and transition preparation and support and self advocacy.

How can a coach help a young person in need of College Prep Support?

Sometimes the school system can not provide the quantity or quality of support a young person needs. Bringing a professional with decades of college prep support experience to the team allows the young person to take ownership over their own strengths and build upon those in a supportive environment that helps them meet their goals. In an individually focussed space apart from school these skills can be learned, hone and practice before being put to the test in the final application process.

How can a parent coach help a parent of a young person in need of college prep support?

A parent coach supports a parent of a young person in need of College Preparation Support by support parents in maintaining and managing realistic expectations that meet their child(ren) where they are in the academic process. The coach will help parts to understand their own emotions about the process and attainable goals and to learn skills and strategies to create a supportive environment that will both empower and provide the boundaries and scaffolding a young person may need to have the best opportunity to succeed.

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