Parent Coaching for Substance Use / Abuse

A person with an addiction uses a substance, or engages in a behavior, for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeat the activity, despite detrimental consequences. Similar substances and behaviors can be used and abused in ways that create a reward and reinforcement relationship that makes it easy to rely on substances as an escape or to fulfill unmet needs.

How can a parent coach help a parent support their child with prior or present substance abuse issues?

First, it is important to note that a parent coach is not a mental health professional treating substance abuse or co-occurring diagnoses. Coaches collaborate with your treatment team to help you understand strategies that have worked in treatment. Our coaches also have extensive experiences in treatment centers and can thus help you bring strategies to life in the home environment. A coach can help you learn new communication, relationship skills and ways of structuring the home environment to best support your childʻs healing journey after reliance on substances or other addictive behaviors. Coaches will help you find ways to empower your adolescent or young adult to engage in behavior through which they can find reward, and thereby positive reinforcement. Your coach helps you to shift your interactions, responses and household structure to better support your child physically and emotionally as they manage the complex process of navigating substance abuse issues.

How can a parent coach help a parent manage their own prior or present substance abuse issues?

Creating a relationship based and physical environment in which your child can thrive can force parents to confront the need to make their own changes. Parents who struggle with substance use or addictive behaviors may find it difficult to identify where their behaviors may be triggering for their family members or to see how inaction could leave room for their childʻs regression. A coach will help to hold you accountable to being aware of your childʻs progress and goals, to strategize when you need to confront concerning patterns, to empower your child to reinforce the progress your child is making and to make room for your own behavioral changes that may need to occur.

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