Parent Coaching for Unhealthy Boundaries

Generally, when people have unhealthy boundaries they either take too much responsibility for the emotions and actions of others, or they expect others to take too much responsibility for their emotions and actions. Unhealthy boundaries can show up in friendships, families and a multitude of other relationships. There are a wide array of theories about what can affect the development of appropriate boundaries, from trauma to poor childhood attachment to learning differences.

How can a parent coach help a parent support their child whose boundaries are unhealthy?

First, it is important to note that a parent coach is not a mental health professional treating your child for the. A parent coach can collaborate with members of your child’s therapeutic team, so that they can help you best support your child. Your coach helps you to understand aspects underlying your child’s tendency to have unhealthy boundaries and the related impact. You will develop responses and communication to guide your child to increase their awareness and you will work to role model healthy boundaries with your child. Your coach helps you to shift your interactions, responses and household structure to better support a child who is enacting unhealthy boundaries.

How can a parent coach help a parent manage their own unhealthy boundaries?

Unhealthy boundaries with adults can be witnessed in the interactions with their children and with a co-parent and your coach will help you build awareness of unhealthy boundaries while developing healthy boundaries that are possible for you to enact. You will learn the importance of predictable and consistent healthy boundaries and the obstacles to putting them into place. Your work with your coach will help you slow down, engage critical thinking and enact decisions from a wise-minded place in order to shape the tone of your home with clarity and consistency.

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