Academic and Executive Functioning Coaching

Our Academic and Executive Functioning Coaching Services are designed for 11-28 year olds who are invested in their education, aware that they face obstacles to doing as well as they want and eager to get the support to help them achieve their academic goals. Perhaps you, the student, are hoping to hone your organizational skills or master mindfulness that can increase your focus. Perhaps you have your sites set on college and you want guidance from someone other than your parents to outline steps to achieve your goals. Your parents might be encouraging you to get support to develop new awareness or to stay engaged in some level of support so you can sustain academic vision. Regardless of what is compelling you to look into having an academic coach on your team, our services are for you if you have the courage and willingness to proactively shape your life in new ways.

* Each case is evaluated on an individual basis to ensure that the mentee is a good fit for our services. Please book a consultation to discuss your unique circumstances.

Our Academic and EF Coach provides mentorship, and mentoring is not about what we will do for you, but about who we are for you and how we support you towards your goals.

The support includes teaching skills and strategies to improve the following:

  • Executive functions - learn about the structure of the brain and why there can be challenges with certain tasks
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Working memory
  • Test preparation and Study Skills
  • Test taking
  • Writing the expository essay
  • Reading comprehension and note-taking
  • Behavior management - how to monitor behavior, reflect, set and revisit goals, self-advocate
  • Mindfulness

What's Included

  • Academic/EF support: 10 topic-driven sessions focused on the subjects stated above and can include help with college essays, applications and timelines. Each session would include a lesson with explicit strategies for the student to incorporate into their approach to school. This also includes communication between parents and the academic coach to understand the academic coaching approach.
  • Parent Coaching Support: This contract includes 3 parent coaching sessions with a parent coach, separate from the academic coach, to increase parent ability hone, own master and enact approaches and responses that can shape the tone of the home.
  • College Prep and Support (if needed): College coaching includes creating an appropriate college list based on fit and selectivity, guidance in completing the Common Application (CA), support writing the CA essays and supplementals, and strategies to prepare for a smooth transition to college.

What Will I Learn?

  • Every person who comes to us will work on developing and enhancing their:
    • Understanding of when you truly need help,
    • distinguishing who to go to and how to ask for that help,
    • the courage to ask for help and the willingness to put healthy steps into action.
  • Tools to help you break overwhelming assignments into manageable steps
  • How to envision what you want for your academic life right now and how you want to feel in your day-to-day and the steps to take accountability toward those ends
  • Your academic strengths and limitations
  • Effective academic strategies

Academic and Executive Functioning Coaching FAQs

I start by helping students identify their long-term goals, then break them down into smaller, more achievable objectives. I also keep track of their progress and make sure they’re staying on track. To ensure that their goals remain realistic, I provide ongoing feedback and advice. Finally, I make sure to give students the necessary tools and resources to reach their goals, such as time management strategies and study tips.

For over 35 years, I have had success supporting students who struggle academically. I believe that I am a successful academic coach because of my strong understanding of different learning styles and the needs of my students, but most importantly because of the compassion I feel for each student I support. I am able to motivate and encourage students to reach their full potential by creating an engaging learning environment in which students feel comfortable, safe and understood. I also believe that it is essential to develop strong relationships with parents and other professionals who might be involved in the student’s life. Together, as a team, progress happens.

I believe that effective study habits are essential for success in the classroom and I focus on helping students develop these skills. My approach includes teaching them how to set achievable goals, create a plan of action to reach those goals, and stay motivated throughout the process. I also help students learn time management techniques and encourage them to ask questions when they don’t understand something. In addition, I teach organizational skills such as using planners or other tools to keep track of assignments. Through my experience working with students of all ages, I have developed strategies that can be tailored to each individual’s needs.

I have worked with students who have diagnosed learning differences and those who don’t, but need academic support. As an academic coach, I make sure to take the time to get to know each student and understand their unique needs. I also take pride in my ability to connect with each student I work with to nurture a relationship based on open communication, trust and mutual respect.

Executive functioning is an umbrella term for a range of skills that are important for academic success, such as planning, organizing, time management, problem solving, and decision making. These skills can be affected by certain cognitive deficits, which can lead to lower grades or difficulty completing tasks. As an academic coach, I help students develop their executive functioning skills through strategies like using organizational tools, breaking down large tasks into smaller ones, setting realistic goals, and providing positive reinforcement. Finally, I check in regularly to ensure that they are staying on track and make adjustments as needed.