In-Treatment Coaching

Our In-Treatment Coaching Services are designed for parents who have adolescents and young adults currently enrolled in a treatment program such as wilderness therapy or longer term therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center. Your coach will help you to hone in on achievable goals, own what you can control, master new techniques and enact new strategies and change within your parenting construct. If you are looking for support with understanding the treatment process and want to further invest in your growth and healing during this time this is the service for you.

What's Included

  • 8 weeks of parent coaching sessions and as needed support
  • Weekly scheduled phone or video coaching sessions for skill building and strategic support
  • Access to your coach and non-crisis support between scheduled sessions
  • As needed crisis support for parenting challenges
  • Collaborative contact with other professionals on the therapeutic support team to ensure the best possible treatment

What Will I Learn?

  • Positive and effective communication strategies among parents, whether in an intact, split or blended family, and between parents and all members of the family system
  • How to empower your children while being clear and confident about your own parental boundaries
  • How to effectively increase proactive parenting and decrease reactive parenting
  • How to increase skill and confidence in parenting strategies and techniques
  • How to create a stronger emotional connection with your child
  • How to support conflict resolution within the family
  • Strategies to integrate the growth your child is achieving in their treatment program into your home environment, therefore laying the foundation for the future
  • How to incorporate what you are learning through the treatment process and shift your parenting as needed with children at home.
  • How to navigate your feelings as well as the decisions that need to be made with a child in wilderness or residential treatment

What will our sessions focus on?

  • Creating a place to openly discuss challenges and to process, plan and focus on what to expect through the treatment process
  • Tools to slow your reaction time, regulate your emotions and respond
  • Support with the emotional process of having a child in treatment and insight into the process of grief and loss parents experience during this time
  • Support with needs related to the siblings of the child who is in treatment
  • Preparation for letter writing, calls and/or visits with the child in treatment
  • Guidance when you get a challenging letter or have a difficult call as well as additional time to prepare for effective communication with your child.
  • Identifying your role in repairing and strengthening the parent child relationship
  • Processing observations coming from the out-of-home setting and understanding how those observations can inform parenting
  • Time to focus on yourself, individually, as a parent and as a co-parenting team, addressing your strengths, struggles and goals that can affect the whole family system.
  • Addressing any immediate challenges you are facing with your other children who are at home. Understanding the experience of siblings at home and how to support them effectively through this and through their own challenges.
  • Assessing the current strengths and struggles within your family. Helping to address any immediate challenges you are facing with any of your children. Understanding the experience of siblings and how to support them effectively through this and through their own challenges.
  • Identifying the changes you need to make in your co-parenting relationship, as well as in the relationship with your child to help the whole system move forward.
  • Getting both parents on the same page to ensure healthy collaboration that best supports the child
  • Addressing your family situation as a whole, and not just working to change your child's behavior
  • Support and guidance when the execution of plans and recommendations made by the treatment team seem difficult, challenging or counterintuitive

In-Treatment Coaching FAQs

Our "in-treatment" parent coaching services focus on amplifying gains that parents can make while they have a child in wilderness therapy, residential treatment or therapeutic board school. We aid in understanding the information you are gaining from the treatment professionals working with your child and how you can incorporate new concepts into your day-to-day to effect important change for your whole family. Additionally, we offer parents time to understand their healthy and unhealthy patterns that contribute to the family dynamic and prioritize changes.

This is a challenging time and we understand how confusing it can be to learn a whole new language and parenting approach. However, while your child is invested in their own growth, it is important that parents closely examine themselves, their values, their strengths and struggles in order to deepen the growth of the whole family. Our parent coaching helps you have a better understanding of the ins and outs of your teen’s therapeutic environment, and offers you an opportunity to hone, own, master and enact the skills and habits important to you as you support your child in treatment and your family at home.