Meet the Team

At Solutions Parenting Support, we are your allies. Our role, as parent coaches, is to support your family system exactly where you are, no matter how broken that system may feel to you. Even amidst the biggest parenting problems, we encourage, challenge and inspire you.

We will help you increase your self-awareness, enhance your communication skills, manage your emotions, co-parent with grace and develop meaningful habits, all of which can positively affect your entire family system.

We are a team of clinicians and strategic coaches who have a long, experienced tenure as wilderness and therapeutic boarding school therapists. Our signature techniques have been recognized as the key components in creating effective, supportive and long-term solutions for parents of struggling teens and young adults.

While we are a team of therapeutically trained coaches, each with their own bag of tricks and unique skills that they teach, we are collectively committed to supporting your needs by…

  • Working together to define success and create reasonable expectations for yourselves and for your family
  • Predicting common obstacles to success and ways to overcome them
  • Identifying and capitalizing on your strengths while building awareness of struggle areas that could impede your success
  • Helping you to put into action concrete strategies, perhaps based on abstract concepts that you learned and love through your child’s treatment, that fit for your values, capabilities and limitations
  • Working together to define high risk situations that you want to mitigate more effectively and tools to do so
  • Helping you to incorporate specific processes and communication styles that are informed by your child’s personality, strengths and struggles as well as your own

We look forward to working with you!

We welcome the opportunity to help you and your family through whatever challenges, experiences and transitions you are currently facing.

Hanna Young, MSW

  • Though I have a varied skill set, I often work with parents of young adolescent boys with learning disabilities and who, at times, are managing a spectrum disorder. I value directness and humor as a part of the process.

Lu Vaughn, MS

  • I believe in challenging myself and those I work with to get outside our comfort zones to learn more about ourselves and our world.

Toni Mazzaglia, MC

  • When I am in my parent coaching role, I support parents in finding self-compassion and building on their strengths. I work towards a balance of offering support through the difficult emotions of the process they are in with creating concrete strategies to help facilitate change.

Hilary Moses, MSW

  • My coaching style values authenticity, integrity and the importance of facing discomfort with intention and awareness.

Jen Murphy, M.Ed.

  • When I am in my parent coaching role, I am known for my insightful, practical and direct approach while bringing an enormous amount of compassion and support to the parents I work with.

Lorri Hanna, MA

  • As your Parent Coach, I walk this journey with you. I am here to help shine a light on what's possible for your empowerment, personal and co-parenting growth and shifting family dynamics.

Andrea Sussel, MSS

  • Whether you are struggling with a transition or contemplating moving into one, I will bring my commitment, integrity and experience to that professional encounter.