Shannon Draper, MA

Parent Coach & Transition Specialist

For over 15 years I have been working with children, adolescents, and families in a variety of positions, though my work with families began long before my therapeutic training did. Over time my skills and style have become more specialized, earning a master's degree from Lesley University with a concentration in child and adolescent traumas.

My experience has allowed me to support families in multiple roles over the years, most recently as a Clinical Director for a therapeutic boarding school. Aside from my specialty and expertise in trauma work, I am well versed in working with individuals and their families needing support with issues arising from lack of self esteem or a strong sense of identity, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and other troubling behaviors. In each role in which I have served I have been privileged to be invited into families' lives in their most vulnerable moments. The courage and resilience that I have been permitted to witness has been an incredibly humbling experience that I continue to learn from.


I believe empathy, authenticity, and humor are important in all healing. My style is intentional and direct with warmth and compassion. As a parent I understand that it truly takes a village, there is bravery in seeking support, and a critical component in growth is being honest with ourselves about strengths, struggles, and goals.

I am truly delighted to write these words to describe my experience working with Shannon Draper... Shannon's outstanding leadership skills were matched by her remarkable clinical expertise... She was always compassionate, warm and caring and able to develop strong therapeutic alliances with her caseload, while providing support and guidance... Shannon used evidenced based counseling modalities, she showed great insight in case formation and always seemed to know which clinical issues needed to be addressed with her clients... Shannon was particularly effective when working with parents. She provided parents with much needed insights concerning... emotional and behavioral issues as well as strategies to resolve family conflicts and create harmony... Shannon will be a valuable asset working with families to assist them in their efforts to support and care for their children's emotional and behavioral needs.

— Psychologist