Letter from the Founders

Dear Future Clients,

We started Solutions Parenting Support after both feeling called to find ways to better support parents and to give you the confidence and tools to navigate the tough terrain of raising struggling adolescents and young adults.

photo of Jen and Hilary photo of Jen and Hilary

Utilizing our clinical backgrounds and experience with hundreds of families, we have now spent over ten years helping parents build new awareness and practice new parenting and communication skills to shape the tone of their homes and relationships. Through this work we have defined The HOME model, a concrete solutions-focused system that supports parents to Hone, Own, Master and Enact the skills essential for change.

We recognize that just as it is difficult for youth who are participating in treatment or who are coming out of wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment to practice new habits consistently, the same is true for parents. Thus, our mission is to guide you through practical, direct and creative solutions so that you can sustain personal growth and effective parenting with confidence. This mission comes to life when parents engage in the HOME model to track the strengths based development and integration of skills, habits and routines.

Over time we have gathered an amazing group of highly trained and vetted coaches to support our vision of guiding parents through this journey. The coaches who work with SPS are trained clinicians and have extensive careers in wilderness therapy, longer-term residential treatment or both. That experience gives every coach on our entire team insight into the challenges families face before, during and after the treatment process.

We travel alongside you to bridge the experience from the treatment setting to the home environment. We walk with you and challenge you to shift your paradigm from one of just surviving to one of thriving. We support you while your child is in treatment to educate and make the most effective changes during this invaluable period. We strive to provide individualized and effective support so you are not alone in this process.

Our team looks forward to having the privilege of working with you.

Hilary and Jen

Hilary Moses, MSW, and Jen Murphy, M.Ed., pioneered many of the techniques that are now widely used in contemporary wilderness therapy and transitional support programs, and they with the skilled team of parent coaches at Solutions Parenting Support, continue to lead the charge in creating effective and supportive solutions for parents of struggling teens.