Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission is to guide parents through practical, direct and creative solutions to sustain personal growth and effective parenting with confidence. We have a team of former wilderness and program therapists, clinically trained and now practicing as parent coaches to help you get there.

We are committed to supporting you to:

  • Feel less alone on the journey—we have supported hundreds of families just like yours. Gain or regain trust in your parenting gut.
  • Develop effective and concrete strategies to shape the tone of your home in the ways over which you have control.
  • Have an experienced ally as you weigh the heavy decisions you are facing.
  • Have a guide as you commit to taking steps gracefully toward the middle when co-parenting from separate ends of the spectrum…we can help you define the “what”, the “why” and the “how”.
  • Understand and be able to work through our HOME model, where you will Hone, Own, Master and Enact the skills we teach.

Our work will hone your personal strengths, while also developing awareness of your personal struggles. We are direct and practical, while also enveloping you with empathy, understanding and support.

While there is no perfect formula to change a child’s behavior, as parents, you can engage in a level of personal growth that can shift old family behavior patterns while also providing the necessary framework for the adult you hope your child can become. When Solutions Parenting Support parents work together with self-awareness and grace, it trickles down causing a positive ripple effect within the family system.

We don’t define success as “never falling” but rather as the ability to fall and get back up, ideally sooner and with more skill, each time. This is true both for you as the parent, whom we support, as well as for your child, whom you support. We work with you to understand and practice this paradigm, as well as help you discern what are age-appropriate struggles versus clinically significant struggles. Both are key aspects of our coaching approach.

Rather than focusing on tools for changing your child’s behavior, we help you put your energy toward the only behaviors over which you have complete control, your own. By focusing on what you can control, rather than on what you can’t control, we put you on the path to significant systemic change. Our parents are often surprised that in changing their response to a challenging situation, their child’s reactions frequently change, as well.

We welcome the opportunity to help you and your family through whatever challenges, experiences and transitions you are currently facing.