Reviews and Testimonials

The team at Solutions Parent Support is passionate about working with parents of struggling teens and young adults. Here's what our clients, partners and colleagues have to say about our work as coaches.

My husband and I still discuss how impressive her support was…. especially as we never actually met her face to face! It is a true testament to her ability that she can engage and build such strong relationships over the phone.


After taking the course, we feel more supportive of each other’s parenting decisions and we are finally able to present a more unified front when dealing with challenges with our daughter. It is a huge relief to no longer be fighting, and instead to be engaging and modeling healthy communication.

Parent Participant

We wish we had a parent coach years ago. Well, actually, we tried to work with one but it was … really not helpful and we dropped out. You are helping in so many ways with all of the situations we are unsure how to manage.

Parent coaching client, Massachusetts

SPS coaches help create healthy boundaries, a healthy lifestyle, and healthy parenting skills with the utmost of empathy.

Educational Consultant

SPS coaches are truly able to master the distinction between therapy and parent coaching by providing parents the benefit of experiencing a more practical, educational and directive approach. They are down to earth, insightful and bring a great sense of humor to the process of helping parents.

Educational Consultant, Salt Lake City, UT

I refer clients to Solutions because I trust that their transitional team will “get it” quickly and coach each family based on their unique needs. Some parents need to get more firm with their boundaries and create clear rules and structure. Others need to soften and work more on relationships. Solutions Parenting Support does not have a “one size fits all” approach. They quickly discern what is appropriate and coach accordingly.

Educational Consultant, Boulder, CO

Our family would not have healed and reconnected as well as we have without the advice and support of Solutions Parenting service.

Client / Parent

I want to thank you again; you have a passion to help families and teens. We are so Blessed to have the time you spent with my husband and myself! We will be forever grateful. Not only are you passionate about what you do, you have a selfless determination to help and to heal and that is something very, very special. We have been encouraged and healed during a time of despair and fear in our lives.


Hilary really knows adolescents and emerging adults, and she has loads of experience helping parents handle and help stuck / depressed / angry / anxious / weed-clouded kids.

Richard Falzone, MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

When I got your transition plan, I noticed the thoroughness, depth, professionalism and overall attention to concepts and details... Your transition plan is so comprehensive and I believe it is a reflection of years of experience. When I work with it I feel confident that I am guiding families in the right ways to approach a transition home. It's also easy to use!

Wilderness Therapist

My husband and I often say what an extraordinary gift Lu was for our family, basically putting us back together after we'd lost our way so terribly. Your teachings are still with us, after 5 years, and hopefully always.


We continue to be amazed at the difference the family is experiencing from just a year ago. Thanks for all your help, SPS.

California Dad and Client

We wanted to find better ways to communicate with our daughter when she returned home. Through reading assignments, course materials, and facilitated telephone and Internet exchanges, Hilary helped us to identify our co-parenting struggles. we were able to align our parenting expectations and styles in a caring and understanding… setting. We became a stronger co-parenting team, and we were better prepared to welcome our daughter home and avoid some of the issues and difficulties that created tension in our household before wilderness.

JJ (San Francisco) Parent

You’re a rare gem. You change lives. It’s a rare and amazing skill. Our son has transitioned well and has a strong ambition to progress. Thank you for your help and guidance.


I have had the pleasure of working with Hilary Moses for over a decade. She is by far one of the most talented and effective clinicians working with adolescents and families. Her approach is refreshing and highly impactful. Where most professionals tiptoe around issues, Hilary goes to the heart of the matter with respect, precision and results. If you're looking to make changes, Hilary will make it happen!

Dani Levine, PhD Licensed Psychologist Educational Consultant

Jen is phenomenal. She has an incredible calm about her that I have never seen in anyone. She listened well and reacted appropriately to two very different people. She had great patience with me while I figured out what she was coaching me about and kept repeating herself for four months until I finally got it. We would not have had the same family result without Jen’s guidance and support.

Client / Parent

You have some really amazing people on your team who I have worked with and respected for years!"

Utah educational consultant

Your impact on our family has been profound. For your care, guidance, discipline, expectations and for that love that comes from a desire to help one see their own goodness and ability to work towards good decisions, and care positively about himself and not act on the FEAR which can be negative in nature I thank you.


Our family would not have healed and reconnected as well as we have without the advice and support of Solutions Parenting Services.


Hilary is great at identifying our family’s struggles, quickly guiding self-assessment, and helping us to set a new, sustainable path. I highly recommended Hilary to parents with kids in Wilderness Therapy and those who want to avoid that drastic step.

Jim (California) Parent

Jen Murphy is the best therapist I have ever worked with. She listens well and gives excellent guidance on everything she addresses with parents. Jen provides a uniquely calm, safe environment while speaking with parents. I was initially skeptical that Jen would be effective working with us over the telephone, but she quickly won my husband and myself over with her down to earth, soothing approach that she brings when working through very intense, emotional issues.


We are forever grateful for the expertise and professionalism we have experienced these past twelve weeks. And Lu, what can we say, you are just dynamite. The world is a better place because of your heart and dedication to these tough boys and their families.

Parents of adolescent boy

I generally feel like I know myself, and I have been in a lot of therapy (and was pretty over it…). But the work that I did, in the course, helped me face the mirror a bit more honestly and to ‘claim rather than blame’ as Hilary would say. I feel a huge relief now that I have a better understanding of what I have control over and what I do not.

Parent Participant

Jen served with distinction as our parent coach during our child's transition from after-care treatment to home. We found her to be refreshingly thoughtful, insightful and nurturing, and her recommendations were consistently well-informed and spot on. She gave us exactly what we needed--a safe harbor in the storm.

Richard and Rosemary B. parents

I would talk to you everyday if I could--you're a breath of fresh air.


I came to you because I wanted someone who would guide this family with boundaries, hold them with softness while being firm when needed, hold the family's anxieties with experience, kindness and practical solutions.


Lu, I have to thank you for all the wisdom and tools I was able to bring with me to family week... I was able to communicate and understand so much better than I would have without your help. The family with us knew nowhere near what I did because of the things you taught me! They are hiring you from what I was able to share!

Mother of adolescent son in treatment

To start off, we wish we had found Andrea earlier in our Parent Coaching Journey. Andrea has helped my wife and I find solid footing, while we work with our young adult to launch into adulthood. Her advice and counseling during our sessions were intuitive and insightful, leading to productive actions and positive changes in how my wife and I communicate, support and partner with tackling tough "kid" situations. Andrea was a master at slowing down the conversation, creating deep thoughts and pulling real emotional connection. I can't recommend Andrea enough as a Parent Coach.


Andrea was exactly what my husband and I needed during the transition of our son back home after residential treatment. She was supportive and compassionate during a time when we were constantly questioning our parenting, but she also wasn’t afraid to ask us hard questions and challenge us to do things differently. We have had many family therapists, but Andrea was by far the best. She helped us identify and blend our unique individual strengths and limitations to become a more effective parenting team. Our sessions with her always replenished us; after meeting with Andrea, we felt better prepared emotionally and practically to tackle the daily challenges of parenting a difficult teenager.


My husband and I now feel much more valued by each other...we actually want to co-parent together again.

Parent Participant

We can't begin to describe just how important Hilary has been to us in this process with our daughter. She truly has a gift and a special talent and has helped us tremendously in becoming more aware of our own tendencies and in coaching us on how to truly help our daughter continue her growth. Each week she gives us truly actionable guidance and advice and, more importantly, acts as a wonderful sounding board for our worries and concerns. We owe her so much.


Jen is a great communicator. She is clear, direct, and yet firm at the same time. She is compassionate and wise. She brings a level of insight that can only come from many years of experience in the field. There are few who can do what she does.

Educational Consultant, NY

Having a young-adult child in residential mental-health treatment has been the most difficult part of parenthood. Emotions, attitudes, demands and disagreements tend to run high on all three sides of the parent-parent-child triangle. So many things can and do go wrong that success seems practically impossible. In such an extended (many months long) situation of high family stress; Lorri Hanna--as a calm, experienced "local guide"--has given us a great deal of wise counsel, effective advice and personal techniques for successfully navigating this difficult family journey. For other parents in similar situations, I wholeheartedly recommend getting Lorri on your team.

parent of young adult

More and more parents seem to be struggling with how to maneuver today’s world of parenting. Toni Mazzaglia is a parent coach that I have and I am confident in recommending to a family. Her calm, grounded and relational approach allows a family to feel comfortable, as she learns dynamics of their individual needs, offering straightforward and realistic strategies. Toni’s background and experience support parents in gaining insight into their communication and behavioral patterns, while implementing, troubleshooting, executing, and holding accountability to their plan… also celebrating the wins!

Educational Consultant

Lu has been absolutely great to work with -- so grateful to have her on the team and I know that just the support she's given the family in this first week of transition to wilderness has been invaluable.

NE Educational Consultant

There are necessary expenses and unnecessary expenses in this process and SPS is a necessary expense.

Parents -parents of 8 week in treatment contract who are signing on for a 3 month transition

Always supportive and honest, Andrea helped me to more clearly see, understand, and navigate situations with my son, and shared excellent tools and resources. Most importantly, she gave me courage and hope. In our work together, she used new and more effective communication techniques; I in turn was able to use them to improve communication with my son. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Andrea’s parenting support. I gained valuable skills and grew as a parent during my work with her; it was truly an invaluable investment in myself and my family.


Thanks for not forcing us into a "model" that suggests one way is the right way to do things---we felt that you truly understood our uniqueness and helped us to shape our own model to support the transition with our son.


I can not begin to express how thankful my husband and I are to have had Jen as a resource over the last 6 months! While our daughter was in a wilderness program, we were in need of support. Jen was a calm, smart, impartial person who supported us while our child was away at the same time as preparing us for her return home. Jen was kind and patient while challenging us to provide the best environment and structure for our daughter to find future success. When our daughter returned, we continued our weekly calls with Jen for a few months and I am so happy we did! Again, she was a calm support who would often challenge us to make the better and sometimes harder parenting choices, always in a supportive and engaging manner.

Parent Coaching Client (New York) Parent

So many gems and the energy of possibility and energy of strength is what I walked away with after using this resource.

Mom, preparing to transition child home from treatment

Hilary's extensive experience working with families shows – she is knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated to the wellbeing of others. I feel fortunate that I have had the opportunity to professionally collaborate with Hilary over the years. The families we have served together sing Hilary's praise, remarking that she is a catalyst to deeper insight and forward progress. Having witnessed Hilary's therapeutic skills in a variety of settings, I feel confident recommending Hilary to any family experiencing individual or family unit challenges.


Lorri Hanna is a wonderful parent coach. I was caught in the tangled web of co-dependency with my young adult son and I needed to turn the focus back on me and my parenting. Lorri provided guidance, support and the necessary tools to guide me through this process. I appreciated her ability to focus on the “heart of the matter” and I often reflect on her wisdom and the lessons I learned during our sessions.

parent of young adult

Our work with Toni was instrumental for both our family and our teenage daughter. Toni had a unique ability to help us understand our daughter while at the same time making sure that we were providing the structure and supports that she needed. Toni was able to let us know when our support was needed and when we needed to allow her to make her own decisions. The balance was critical to her progress at the time and we know has been a large part of her successful transition to adulthood. I can recommend Toni’s support to any parent without reservation.


Had my first call with Lu this morning…Holy Smokes! She is FABULOUS and absolutely perfect for me and my situation. My mind was blow multiple times – always a good sign.

Mother of Young Adult daughter

My husband and I so greatly appreciate the warm, insightful, and practical help we received from Hanna Young and the Solutions Parenting team. She helped us effectively navigate our teen's return from wilderness therapy and all of the ups and downs that transition entails. She also deeply understands how neurodiverse teen brains work which proved essential given our teen's new autism and adhd diagnoses.


After just one hour on the phone with Hanna, I felt hopeful and empowered. I saw that she was able to equip me to address the destructive behaviors that were ruling our home. We had been in counseling, and that had helped me in some foundational ways. However, at a certain point, what I needed were practical parenting tools to help me turn the chaos of our home into a safe place for all of us. Hanna spent the next few weeks and months coaching me toward this end. It was a significant financial commitment on my part, and one of the best investments I have made.

Julia, Parent

Shannon is an incredibly compassionate and skilled individual who has a truly special ability to connect with her clients and create a safe place where they feel safe and heard. I have seen Shannon work successfully with a variety of clients and families that are struggling with a range of mental health issues. She is a consummate professional, yet extremely personable and has a tremendous ability to connect and support people from all walks of life. I wouldn't hesitate to confidently recommend her to work with and support families to develop new skills and lasting solutions.


Our child is doing so great. I think the most important skill we learned from Shannon is how we could communicate with each other to stay on the same page while making decisions about how to parent our child. It is important for both parents to be on the same page and keep their communication going in order to do what’s best for the child.


Shannon was a tremendous support for us during a time we felt at a loss on how to parent our daughter while she was in residential treatment. She also helped us through her transition back home. She was able to dive deep with us and give us new effective ways to think about/ understand our daughter and tools to use. Shannon was very knowledgeable, paid attention to details, and always picked up right where we left off with each session.


I am truly delighted to write these words to describe my experience working with Shannon Draper... Shannon's outstanding leadership skills were matched by her remarkable clinical expertise... She was always compassionate, warm and caring and able to develop strong therapeutic alliances with her caseload, while providing support and guidance... Shannon used evidenced based counseling modalities, she showed great insight in case formation and always seemed to know which clinical issues needed to be addressed with her clients... Shannon was particularly effective when working with parents. She provided parents with much needed insights concerning... emotional and behavioral issues as well as strategies to resolve family conflicts and create harmony... Shannon will be a valuable asset working with families to assist them in their efforts to support and care for their children's emotional and behavioral needs.


My husband and I are so grateful for Lorri Hanna’s help in challenging us to communicate with our son in new ways and inspiring a collaborative and thoughtful relationship moving forward. He is presently thriving, and with her help, we have learned to empower him on his journey. Thank you.

Nicole S. Parent

Jen has a really good sense of how to listen to our parental concerns, and then make constructive suggestions about how we can manage ourselves, while still assisting our growing children, without over parenting.


You have been so kind and generous with yourself in supporting me and my daughter through these complex and challenging times. I sincerely appreciate who you are, your training, and how you have treated me. Finally, I thank you with all my heart and I feel as if you helped us through a crack in the fabric of time.


Lorri is a valuable resource to parents. She is a patient, thoughtful and sympathetic coach. We engaged with Lorri to teach us how to better help our son, who is struggling with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. It’s been a relief to have someone like Lorri on our team, and to be able to tap into her decades of experience working with kids like ours. She has seen it and done it many times before, and it’s been very helpful for us, as parents, who are going through this for the first time. She has taught us to be mindful of the way in which we communicate, and she has shown us the importance of clearly stating our expectations so that there is no ambiguity. Lorri also reminded us to be mindful and to take care of our entire family, ourselves included, and not just our son that has required so much attention and resources. If you are a parent struggling with how to manage a challenging child, Lorri will be a great asset to your family / team.