Helping the helpers: Tools to help guides facilitate growth.


Thanks to everyone who joined Hilary Moses and Kelly Weld for the discussion on “Helping the Helpers: Helping Guides Facilitate Growth.”  We had a great turnout and a lot of great conversation.

If you would like to discuss any of it further, to talk about slides that you wish were given more attention, are interested in any more tips on how to facilitate growth with participants as a field guide, if you want to hear more about what we are doing as parent coaches or if you just want to chat, please email or call Hilary 808-345-1286


About Hilary Moses, The Presenter
  • Title: Owner, Parent Coach
  • Organization: Solutions Transitional Support, PLLC
  • Email:
  • Phone: 808-345-1286
  • Bio: Hilary Moses, LCSW served adolescents, young adults and their parents in wilderness therapy from 2001- 2015. As the co-owner of Solutions Transitional Support, she offers parent coaching, transitional support and personal growth opportunities both preventatively and for parents who have children at every stage of therapeutic treatment.

Field guides play an integral role that effects change in, encourages growth with and walks alongside our adolescents and young adults through their soul work. This seminar is a continuation of last year’s presentation and we will help guides connect to their own sense of purpose and feel a sense of confidence and empowerment through soft skills mastery.  The focus will include aspects of: motivational interviewing, mastering empathy, parenting skills pertinent to field guide work, understanding brain development, Jungian shadow work, and will share some tricks learned over the course of 16 years and in varying roles in wilderness therapy.

The field guides represent the missing link in the typical life development of the young people whose growth we support through our work.  The role requires the ability to be awe inspired by the wild, to maintain a sense of control and calm and to help guide their students through rough mental, emotional, physical and social waters.  In this workshop we will aim to enhance that skill set by teaching philosophical and concrete approaches that include aspects of:

  • Dan Siegel’s interpersonal neurobiology; motivational interviewing
  • Carl Jung’s approach to “the shadow work”
  • Learning to make skillful observations in the field
  • Communication and emotional management tools
  • And we will invite the audience to offer case examples around which they want guidance.
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