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Strengthen Your Family Workshops

for Parents of Struggling Adolescents & Young Adults


We are bringing our most commonly taught parenting skills, the ones that our long-term parent coaching clients find most effective, to a city near you!

In these 3-hour workshops, you will learn the top tools that we have used to reconnect hundreds of families who have felt disconnected while raising struggling adolescents and young adults.

You will gain tremendous insight into your parenting (and your co-parenting team), be given concrete tools to increase the effectiveness of your parenting and walk away knowing how you can successfully strengthen even the most difficult relationships within your family.

Workshop 1
Day 1 workshop is for you if you would like to:

  • Learn to empower your children by understanding how they truly think and operate.
  • Parent in ways that build your child’s internal resilience.
  • Stay emotionally attached to your child without engaging in the unhealthy side of emotional parenting.
  • Support your other children who have been affected by their sibling’s choices.
  • Feel confident as a parent and trust in your “parenting gut”, again.

Workshop 2
Day 2 workshop is for you if you would like to:

  • Peer into your past to master your present and overcome your maladaptive responses as parents.
  • Hone your strategies for parenting specific challenging issues.
  • Engage in a productive group conversation to gain creative solutions to your current parenting challenges.


OPTIONAL LUNCH: After each workshop, there is an optional 1-hour lunch to further discuss and integrate these concepts. Cost of lunch is $30/person. All luncheon participants need to have attended the workshop.

REGISTER: These workshops are completely free of charge. Saturday’s workshop is open to anyone, Sunday’s workshop has previous attendance prerequisites (listed above). You can come to one or both days. Registration is for a maximum of two people only. All attendees need to be registered in advance (space is limited). When registration opens, we’ll announce it to our email list, sign up below to get early notification.

You are helping in so many ways with all of the situations we are unsure how to manage.

We wish we had a parent coach years ago. Well, actually, we tried to work with one but it was a bust, really not helpful and we dropped out.  You are helping in so many ways with all of the situations we are unsure how to manage.

parent coaching client, Massachusetts

We have developed these tips over the course of 30 years, working in a variety of therapeutic and wilderness settings. These are the top tools that have helped hundreds of our clients, who are parenting struggling adolescents and young adults, become the captain of their ship, again.

Goes to the heart of the matter with respect, precision and results...

I have had the pleasure of working with Hilary Moses for over a decade. She is by far one of the most talented and effective clinicians working with adolescents and families. Her approach is refreshing and highly impactful. Where most professionals tiptoe around issues, Hilary goes to the heart of the matter with respect, precision and results. If you're looking to make changes, Hilary will make it happen!

Dani Levine
Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Educational Consultant

Other Workshop Locations

We hope to be offering in-person workshops again in 2022 throughout the U.S. To be notified as soon as registration opens for other in-person workshops in an area near you, enter your email address and zip code here.

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Workshops are currently on hold due to Covid but please let us know if you have interest in future opportunities