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This is a 7 day trip through the black canyon in Las Vegas. All parents welcome! Take a look inside this page to learn all of the details about the trip of the year… Read more

This is a short snippet from the Beyond Addiction Series from interviewer Sally Dyer. In this video, Sally asks Jen what the biggest parenting mistake is that she sees in her work with parents of struggling teens and young adults… Read more

In this blog post, we shared with you how to create effective consequences when parenting your adolescents and young adults. Consequences are effective parenting tools for these crucial child-rearing years. But coming up with the best consequences is only a small part of how to shape your family from the top down. Without a foundation… Read more

Natural or contrived, consequences are difficult for all parents. Whether it’s to identify what the consequence should be or implementing the consequence, it often can feel overwhelming and really just be an undesirable experience. It makes sense, as when we feel a consequence in our own adult lives we are usually eager to move through… Read more

As a parent, do you know Where the Wild Things Are? During elementary school years, they might just be in the imagination of our little ones, but in middle childhood and adolescence, it becomes more apparent that the wild things are not in our imagination, they are actually in our homes! We like to call these… Read more

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