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In our work, as parent coaches, managing teen technology habits wins the prize for the least popular responsibility, not to mention the most exhausting.  The rationale for not coming up with a plan regarding healthy use usually sounds something like, “well, my child is almost 18, they are going to need to learn to manage… Read more

We have expanded our parent coaching team with two seasoned therapists. As demand for parent coaching has increased significantly over the past year, Solutions Parenting Support is excited to announce that Hannah Young, LCSW and Andrea Sussel, LCSW have joined the Solutions Parenting Support parent coaching team. They’ll be providing the same exceptional level of support, strategies and… Read more

In this time of unprecedented constant togetherness, a lot of families that we are working with are in need of hitting the reset button. Perhaps your family wasn’t quite ready for your child to transition home from a wilderness program or a therapeutic boarding school, or maybe it’s been an adjustment to have your college-aged… Read more

The original list of online volunteer opportunities was compiled by college admissions counselor, Helen Ingerson of Blue Stars. We have modified slightly. Provide social connection with the elderly who are sheltering in place. One existing organization is making remote “Social Calls” to the elderly.Do remote volunteer tutoring for younger children. Students can use Nextdoor, social… Read more

COVID19 is one of many unmooring situations that your family might be facing right now.  There are unknowns with your children who might be living away from home, in treatment, as well as unknowns with children whom you are supporting inside the home under a variety of new social distancing rules or shelter-at-home orders. There… Read more

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