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When your kids are not so little anymore, and their problems need big solutions, we are your support


Whether you’re just starting to feel concerned about your child’s behavior or you are already on the path to healing through a treatment program, (and your child is transitioning home), Solutions Parenting Support has several options to help you. We offer in-person parenting workshops, online parenting courses, individual long and short-term parent coaching sessions, and transitional support.

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From a teenage battleground to the graduation trip of a lifetime with her dad…

Tamara’s temperament was volatile. She verbally abused her younger sister, emotionally blackmailed her parents and turned the family home into a battleground where everyone had to tiptoe around her outbursts. Her parents’ marriage was hanging on by a thread.

After working with Solutions Parenting Support, this family was intact and no longer in crisis.

Instead of overreacting to, well, everything, Tamara was taking on responsibilities within the home. Instead of criticizing each other, Tamara’s parents were confident in their ability to each set healthy boundaries for their entire family. They were more supportive of each other’s different parenting styles.

Because this family had the courage to reach out to Hilary and Jen at Solutions Parenting Support for help, they went from a fragmented explosive home on the verge of crumbling apart, to competently managing age-typical issues with a solid co-parenting team.

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Create healthy boundaries, healthy lifestyles, and healthy parenting skills with the utmost of empathy...

I cannot recommend her counseling and coaching skills more highly. Hilary goes above and beyond to meet each student and family's needs. I cannot recommend her counseling and coaching skills more highly. – Educational Consultant

Solutions Parenting Support does not have a “one size fits all” approach.

Hilary and Jen coach each family based on their unique needs. Some parents need to get more firm with their boundaries and create clear rules and structure. Others need to soften and work more on relationships. Hilary and Jen quickly discern what is appropriate and coach accordingly. – Educational Consultant, Boulder, CO

Things are going great! Tamara graduates from High School tomorrow...

And the two of us are going on a grad trip. Our youngest graduates from middle school on Thursday. We are having a great time and continue to be amazed at the difference the family is experiencing from just one year ago. Thanks for all your help! – Father of Tamara

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Meet Hilary + Jen

Parent Coaches, Transitional Specialists and Experts in Bringing Wholeness and Health Into Your Family

Hilary Moses, LCSW and Jen Murphy, LPC pioneered many of the techniques that are now widely used in contemporary wilderness therapy and transitional support programs, and they continue to lead the charge in creating effective and supportive solutions for parents of struggling teens.