Parent Coaching for Learning differences

Learning differences are common. They impact our ability to learn skills commonly taught in schools if teachers and caregivers do not have a full understanding of their impacts in how we learn and process information. Some people are able to navigate this on their own while for others it leads to frustration and a true inability to understand the materials in the way they are taught. Learning disabilities can affect one's ability in the domains of spoken or written language, mathematical calculation, attention, or the coordination of movement. Learning disabilities can be lifelong conditions that can affect one's experience at school or work or in social situations. Multiple learning disabilities overlap in some people.

How can a parent coach help a parent support their child with learning differences or disabilities?

A parent coach, with information gathered by your child’s treatment providers, can help you understand how your childʻs brain works and consequently can help you understand ways of communicating, establishing ground rules and home structure that make sense to your child Many children who have experienced a lifetime of learning differences feel powerless and thus try to gain power in unhealthy ways. Our coaches will also guide you to help your child feel in power in healthy ways. Solutions' parent coaches have worked in therapeutic programs and schools throughout their careers and so they understand the kinds of settings that can best support your child. While we do not make direct recommendations, your coach can help to guide you through the pros and cons of the decisions you are making while exploring the best structure for your child. Additionally your coach can help you to shift your interactions, responses and household structure to better support your child physically and emotionally as they manage the complex process of managing life with learning differences and disabilities.

How can a parent coach help a parent manage their own learning differences?

Parents with learning differences may feel as though they have tried everything already. You may have read books, attended webinars or even worked with other coaches or therapists to try and assist your child with navigating the world. The difference with Solutions coaches is that we are all trained and educated as psychotherapists and have all worked in experiential settings where we have vast experience training individuals to create structures and systems that are achievable for each unique individual to follow through with. As such, a Solutions parent coach can help you find methods of parenting that work for both you and your child.

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